visit to the hildner family
rindlberg, 1st of october

a household in which four generations with varying careers live under one roof. part-time farmer – laborer in the vöest – financial adviser – retired – house wife – child.

we were cordially treated and slowly guide through the "nichts tun" (do nothing) exhibition in the vienna folklore museum with our theme in mind. the first reactions are largely skepticism and the impossible vision of doing nothing.

uncle friedl says no kidding.

little by little, it comes down to differentiated considerations, and wishes become loud.
– if i look out the window and see her over there with the bike ride by, then i want that too sometimes
– maybe just looking out the window and watching the cabbage grow
– grandmother says: i've become nothing. i just eat and can't work anymore. unlike 5 years ago, she smiles about it.

simultaneously, the considerations of course:
will the cows get an utter infection if somebody else milks them?
will they give as much milk as before?
won't the visiting workers gather the hay to early? if it is still wet? and the barn is going to burn?
and ... what will the farmers from the neighboring villages say when they are contracted by the maschinenring (local farmers union) to work somewhere where the farmers are already there anyway??

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